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Current Funding Available

Funding available in 2018


The grant funding available for 2018 is £200,000, with £35,000 available for individuals and £165,000 available for organisations.  The balance available will be updated regularly throughout the year.

For eligibility criteria, meeting dates and application deadlines please go to the grants pages.


The Charity would like to encourage sponsors and referring agencies to review their client base to identify individuals in need who might qualify as beneficiaries. 

Grants for Organisations

The Charity has now moved to online applications.  You will see the link on the Grants for Organisations page.  The downloadable application form is no longer available.  We have taken great care in ensuring the online process is as straightforward as possible and have designed the form to look similar to the original form so that the layout and questions are familiar to applicants.  We look forward to receiving your applications.


As at today's date the Board of 12 Trustees is complete. However, the Charity would like to build up a reserve list of potential Trustees and expressions of interest are welcomed. All Trustee positions are voluntary and unpaid. The commitment is 5 Board meetings during the year, 3 of which are preceded by a Finance Committee meeting. Board meetings usually start at 4.45 p.m. For meeting dates please go to the grants for organisations page.

For further information please contact the Chief Executive.